Apple Fritters --- a popular Italian fruit-based snack! -
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Apple Fritters --- a popular Italian…
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Apple Fritters --- a popular Italian fruit-based snack!


If every once in a while you want to treat yourself to something tasty, you can do it without sacrificing your health. Did you know that you can make even a nutritious apple irresistible? 

First, prepare your batter by combining 220 ml of milk, one egg yolk, and 170 g of flour. Whip the egg white together with 30 g of sugar and add to the previous mixture.

Next, remove the core from three apples and cut them into round slices. Then moisten the slices of apple with the juice of one lemon and flavor with cinnamon and 90 g of sugar.

Dip the slices of apple in the batter and then fry them in hot oil. Cook them until they are golden brown and then serve with maple syrup. Now you have a very tasty and healthy snack!

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