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Before the winter closure, this Park hosts a very special pool party !

Every year the Lakeview Park in Nampa (Idaho), has a truly original event: before the winter closure they organise a pool party just for dogs.
Curious Dogs Usa

Half-time interval music --- see the WILD reaction of this guy!

Half-time intervals at American sports events are often accompanied by music and a roaming Kiss Cam which amuse and entertain the public.  In this case, however, the one doing the entertaining is a spectator,…
Funny Sport Usa

Hit these rocks with a hammer and hear what happens!

If you happen to take a trip to the "Ringing Rocks Park" in Pennsylvania, do not forget that instead of a guitar just remember to bring a . . . hammer! In fact, the rocks and boulders in this park, possess…

An amazing way to stop a getaway car!

Who among us, while watching an American movie, has not seen one of those crazy and seemingly endless pursuits between criminals and the police? Well, actually, soon those kinds of scenes might be quite…
Police Usa Wtf

One of the longest traffic jams in LA history!

Everywhere in the world, there is at least one metropolis that is so crowded that the "traffic" problem is taken for granted. However, on certain occasions, the need to travel by car can affect a number…
Absurd Traffic Usa

US Marines during a "monkey" drill practice! “Oorah!”

When in life, you are a Marine, athletic training must be accompanied by the coordination of movements combined with split-second timing. The "choreography" for the drills is learned and practiced just…

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