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Policeman takes a lost child home and discovers that the family's fridge is empty: he does the grocery shopping

When you run into someone who clearly needs help, you should never look the other way. If it is a child, then, it is not really possible to ignore a plea for assistance. Police Officer James Riley had…

Nobody comes to his birthday party: police officers surprise him (+ VIDEO)

Bullying is a terrible, widespread phenomenon all over the world. Seeking to remedy this is increasingly important, as the number of little ones being bullied is on the increase. Children experience this…

He can't buy food for his children because his card is refused: a policeman pays for him

A father has to be able to provide basic necessities for his children, but what exactly should he do when he realizes he doesn't have enough money on his card to pay for the shopping? Surely, the father…

Police ask users to identify a man who stole the diapers, but everyone offers to pay for them for him

Stealing is always wrong, it's true, but what should you do when you are desperate and the living conditions of your children depend only and exclusively on you? Asking for help should be the first option,…

Three policemen notice a dog abandoned in a hot car: they remove the door to save it

Having a dog in your life means welcoming it into your home as a fully-fledged new member of the family. Would it ever occur to any of you to leave your baby in the car, unattended and over heating? We…

An old woman abandoned by everyone receives a visit from some policemen who have dinner with her and cut her hair

When a police patrol from IJsselmonde, in the Rotterdam district, noticed that an old lady was always sitting alone looking sadly out the window, they decided to visit her to find out more about her life.…

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