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Taking photos of "Back to school" day? Here are the risks involved with sharing them on social networks!

The first day back at school is an important moment in the life of every child, especially because it is the beginning of a new and long phase in which there are so many hopes, dreams, and anxieties.…

Caught while boasting about his "Constant Flow" of cash!

In Jacksonville, Florida, Breon Hollings, who is a drug dealer begins to record live images of himself flashing lots of cash money in front of the camera while he is boasting repeatedly and saying "This…

Where is the beer you drink made? In China?!

Beer in China often is sold at such a low price that to doubt its origin is the least we can do. In these three videos, we get to see how in a clandestine factory in Dongguan City in China,  the locals…
Beers China Police

A drunken driver escapes in his car --- but not for long!

The images you see in the video seem more out of a detective movie that from real life, but it all happened in Estonia and was captured by the police car cameras. A man clearly in a state of drunkenness…
Police Wtf

See why these kids form an arrow with their bodies!?

This smart group of kids was participating in an activity to collect charitable funds for a boy suffering from leukemia, and the collection consisted of an innocent hunt for Easter eggs. The game, however,…

An amazing way to stop a getaway car!

Who among us, while watching an American movie, has not seen one of those crazy and seemingly endless pursuits between criminals and the police? Well, actually, soon those kinds of scenes might be quite…
Police Usa Wtf

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