They find a little boy crying alone in the street and to comfort him, a policeman hugs and carries him -
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They find a little boy crying alone…
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They find a little boy crying alone in the street and to comfort him, a policeman hugs and carries him


Being a policeman does not just mean answering calls for thefts, fights or other types of dangerous criminal activities.

A good police officer must be ready to demonstrate their courage and lucidity of thought and also the kindest and most humane parts of their character.

Case in point is police officer James Hurst who was on duty when he received a call regarding a child wandering alone in the street crying desperately.

In this unexpected situation, the man proved himself to be a police officer capable of also managing a situation in which weapons and handcuffs were not needed ... only some gentle and compassionate hugs! 

via: ABC7

A toddler wandering a Georgia street alone, in May 2016, screamed and sobbed while being examined in the hospital...

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The child, only 16 months old, was found alone in the street crying, in a poor neighborhood in the state of Georgia. Someone alerted the police and police officer James Hurst rushed to the scene.

As per the protocol, the child was taken to the hospital for medical checkups but all the time, the little boy continued to cry, probably because he didn't know why his mother and father were not there with him.

Fortunately, however, there was James, the policeman who, since finding him in the street, had not left him for a moment.

Moreover, while at the hospital when the doctors told him he could leave and that the child would remain in good hands until his parents arrived, James still did not want to leave the child.

James lay down on the hospital bed and picked up and hugged the child who, exhausted from hours of agitation, fell asleep.

The image that someone immortalized and posted on the Internet, shows the kind and compassionate sentiments that the police officer demonstrated and in turn creating an appreciation for this police officer who has also shown great sensitivity towards the child.

"He just needed someone to stay by his side," James told reporters: and he certainly could not turn his back and leave him there!


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