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A little girl sees her newborn sister…
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A little girl sees her newborn sister for the first time and starts to cry because of her very strong feelings

November 13, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

For a young child, the news of a little brother or a little sister that is arriving always makes a great impact!

In some cases, it is "love at first sight" even before their eyes have met, in others it takes some time for the older child to accept the second child.

What is assured, however, is that in the little child's heart great emotions are unleashed, especially when the time comes to be able to see live, and for the first time, one's own brother or sister.

Try asking Little Addy if the day she saw her newborn sister was not a day she will remember all her life!

Six-year-old Addy, waited nine months to finally see her long-awaited little sister be born. Her mother was very good at getting the little girl used to the idea of ​​being the older sister and sharing the house, her parents and, in the future, the toys and games with another child.

The day her little sister was finally born, Addy was literally bursting out of her skin with impatience and with the sole idea of ​​being able to actually touch, hug, and kiss her little sister.

In fact, Abby was the first to enter the room where her mother was with the newborn baby, while her father used his smartphone to shoot the video because he was so sure that Addy would have a very loving reaction.


Addy is obviously very excited, we do not know whether it is due to seeing her mother again or to meeting her little sister, probably both, but, in any case, her desire to embrace her newborn sister can be seen on her face.

Her mother, taking all the due precautions, allows Addy to hold the newborn baby, thus consecrating the relationship between the sisters that will last a lifetime.

As grownups, Addy and her little sister will be able to watch and rewatch this video, remembering how their wonderful relationship was born!

The video is also quite moving and inspiring for others who have watched it due to its highly emotional content!

Addy meets Maddy for the 1st time "For licensing/commercial usage, please contact licensing@rumble.com"

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