Police fine an employee from an electrical…
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Police fine an employee from an electrical company: he takes revenge by cutting power to the entire police station

August 26, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Sooner or later, everyone has to pay a fine. Whatever the reason, it is never pleasant - especially if the contravention is due to a small distraction or forgetfulness. This happened in India to a man who, not happy with having received a fine from the police, decided to take revenge against them.

Are you curious to know what he did and how things turned out? Let's find out together:

via: News 18

This story took place in Uttar Pradesh, India, where an employee of an electricity company, Bhagwan Swarup, did something very unusual. On an ordinary day, while on the street with his vehicle, the man was stopped by a police officer who asked for his documents. Bhagwan replied that he did not have them with him at the time, but that he could run home to retrieve them. Not accepting this, the policeman fined the man a total of 500 rupees, about 6 euros.

This fine deeply irritated the man and led him to concoct a plan for revenge. Once back to work at the electricity company, Bhagwan asked some colleagues to help him disconnect the power supply to the Hardaspur Police Station. This would be payback by the man, according to officer, Modi Singh.

The power cut lasted 5 hours and, when the man was asked why he did it, he claimed the police were corrupt.

According to internal investigations carried out by the electrical company, the police station had not paid their bills since 2016. This, together with the absence of an electrical meter in the structure tracking consumption - which is apparently illegal - helped Bhagwan in making his decison to cut the power. "Bhagwan told me about the fine and that he was having difficulty paying it," said Ranveer Singh, the contact person for the department where the man works."Together we tried to talk to the police to get the fine canceled, but without success. At this point, Bhagwan decided to cut their power, but without letting us know about his decision".

Bhagwan wanted to teach the police a lesson and get revenge too. Of course, the police did not make a mistake in giving him the fine because he was obliged by law to carry the requested documents on him at all times.

Did he do the right thing?

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