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See why these kids form an arrow with…
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See why these kids form an arrow with their bodies!?

March 08, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

This smart group of kids was participating in an activity to collect charitable funds for a boy suffering from leukemia, and the collection consisted of an innocent hunt for Easter eggs.

The game, however, was soon transformed into something much more serious! While the eight boys were trying to find the Easter eggs in a field they noticed a police helicopter and they knew the police were chasing someone ... who they had just seen in the field! 

After jumping up and down and shouting in vain to attract attention, they had a bright idea! They arranged themselves on the ground in the shape of the arrow to indicate to the police the direction to search. 

Thanks to their brilliant idea, the criminal, who had separated from an accomplice in the escape, was arrested.

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