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Video Bicycle

A path that only a few would cycle

Three friends, a shared passion for cycling, the one at the back has a camera on his helmet. The path they go through will leave you on the edge all the way.
Bicycle Follies Sport Wtf

When the racing bike becomes acrobatic

Martyn Ashton and his amazing stunts on two wheels ..

Bike Parkour San Francisco!

The best Trial Bikers of San Francisco...

GoPro: Boy on a bike with the cat

Are we sure that only the dog is the man's best friend?
Animals Bicycle Cats Cute GoPro

Matt Hunter and the impossible corner

The champion Matt Hunter deliberately challenges the laws of physics in this exciting video and goes round this stunning corner.

The cyclist leaning on the car!!

Have you ever had a cyclist leaning on your car at the traffic light? Here is a great solution! Funny commercial for the Fiat Palio.
Bicycle Cyclist Funny Spot

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