Love riding your bicycle? Never get a flat tire again! Check it out! -
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Love riding your bicycle? Never get…
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Love riding your bicycle? Never get a flat tire again! Check it out!

June 28, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

How many times, riding a bike, have you gotten a flat tire had to return home on foot? Well, with this new type of tire, this will not happen anymore! 

In fact, three friends, all who are die-hard cycling enthusiasts, as can be proven by the fact that they are themselves cyclists and also the proud owners of a bicycle store in Utah,  have invented a new type of bicycle tire!

This remarkable new bicycle tire is made from rubber materials that due to special modifications cannot be punctured nor does it need any maintenance. Here is the secret.

What is the secret of their bicycle tires? It is simple! There is no air inside the tires and that is why they can never be punctured!

Another good thing is that these bicycle tires do not need to be inflated, consequently because no air is needed, overall maintenance is minimized.


You will no longer have to carry an air pump or a special kit to repair your bicycle tires ...

These bicycle tires have been manufactured using a polymer that is wear and heat resistant.

The Nexo and Ever Tires, these are the names that these innovative bicycle tires have been given, can be ridden up to 5000 miles without any worries!

Ok! Have a good ride with these new bicycle tires that are certainly the future of cycling! 


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