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A car blocks the cycle path: a cyclist clambers on top of it with her bike

The initiative taken by a cyclist who - finding the cycle path blocked by a car - instead of going around it, decided togo over it with her bike, has aroused great debate. In favor of this type of behavior,…

He challenges the second steepest hill in San Francisco with its 38% slope!

Road cycling is a sport that allows riders to fully taste and appreciate the beauty of riding downhill ... and also the challenge of riding uphill! It is normal that before taking on the challenge of…

Love riding your bicycle? Never get a flat tire again! Check it out!

How many times, riding a bike, have you gotten a flat tire had to return home on foot? Well, with this new type of tire, this will not happen anymore!  In fact, three friends, all who are die-hard cycling…

A frightful encounter on a bike trail! Check this out!

If cycling makes you think of beautiful and idyllic scenery, quiet meadows, and relaxing moments, then be prepared to think again! These two men were cycling through the forests in Slovakia delivering…
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Is this mountain bike ride CRAZY or WHAT!?

If your passion, when it comes to sports, is mounting a mountain bike and launching yourself down from the steepest and most dangerous slopes that you can find, then, of course, documenting everything…
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A girl pays a rude motorist back for his insulting words!

As we move around the city by bike or car, getting into little squabbles with other people is quite common, because, let's face it, none of us like being in the middle of the noisy traffic and long lines…

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