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A car blocks the cycle path: a cyclist…
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A car blocks the cycle path: a cyclist clambers on top of it with her bike

August 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The initiative taken by a cyclist who - finding the cycle path blocked by a car - instead of going around it, decided togo over it with her bike, has aroused great debate.

In favor of this type of behavior, needless to say, are the great people who use their bicycles every day, a large group of citizens who are well aware of the problem of not being able to use the cycle paths occupied by cars, and who have had to learn to dodge the doors that fly open, or being overtaken by truck drivers.

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It happened in the Mexican state of Queretaro, where even bicycles got stuck in the middle of the traffic. The reason? A car parked on the cycle path that obstructed the bicycle lane. While other cyclists were annoyed by the driver's lack of respect for road rules, one cyclist in particular did not lose heart.

She decided that she would make her passage on the cycle path, car or not, she grabbed her two-wheeled machine and with great agility she literally climbed over the car, making her point strongly. Everyone was amazed by the woman's actions, who by profession is a rider for a company that delivers take-away food and who evidently was in a hurry to make deliveries.

The gesture was filmed and published on social media, where the public have literally beed divided between those who say "you did well! That rude driver will learn a lesson!" and those who say "you must have had respect for other peoples' property! She could have damaged it!". Among the latter there are citizens who have identified with the motorist who was unable to park his vehicle anywhere else. These are the drivers who adore their cars and who would never want to see their vehicles trampled on by a pair of boots or scratched by a bicycle.

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