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He offers to work in exchange for a…
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He offers to work in exchange for a pair of shoes for his daughter: a woman gives them to him without asking for anything in return

August 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

If until a few years ago some countries of the world were still victims of the economic crisis, the arrival of Covid-19 only contributed to worsening things, reducing some families who were already in desperate conditions to the streets. Although some parents really struggle to stay positive, they want to try undeterred, to transmit a climate of serenity to their children, especially to the little ones, so that they do not feel the weight of this world that is getting worse and worse.

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To deserve the medal as the most caring parent in the world is Ariel Tula, an Argentine father who, despite his sad economic conditions, wanted his little girl to have a new pair of shoes at all costs, because it was close to her birthday. Having no money to buy them, Ariel relied on the people of the web by posting an ad on the Facebook group "Cordoba Classifieds", in which he asked for shoes for his daughter in exchange for his labor: "Whatever you need, I will help you. I'll fix and clean anything for you. I need a pair of size 36 shoes for my daughter's birthday”.

Fortunately, Ariel's gesture had positive results: his post was seen by thousands of people, some of whom were not indifferent and tried to give him a hand; among these was Giuliana Pedernera, a girl who sold shoes by profession. Evidently very moved by the gesture from this noble father, the woman thought of giving him the shoes without asking for anything in return, simply giving them to him: “Write to me so I'll send you the photos and you can choose some. I give them to you". And that's what happened.

An unexpected gesture

After receiving the package with the shoes, Ariel posted the photo on Facebook and Giuliana left him a sweet comment: Every promise is a debt. First of all I want to thank the GREAT father of this little girl for accepting my help, and I want to congratulate him on being the great man and the great father he is, for having shown that he is capable of doing the impossible for his family”. 


Ariel never expected anyone to give shoes to his daughter. When he published the announcement he did so with great humility, aware of the fact that he would have to do something in return to repay the gesture of anyone who had acted to help him. It's very simply that it can happen that life gives us wonderful gifts, even when we don't expect them; and when it happens it is always very moving, because how do they say? The unexpected is always more beautiful than expected! 


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