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3-year-old girl walks around school…
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3-year-old girl walks around school in her brother's uniform: the principal makes an exception and enrolls her as a pupil

August 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When dreams become part of our life they inevitably become a part of us. No matter at what moment they sneak into our hearts, we are willing to fight with all our might to make them happen. It may happen that some of them arrive when we are children, and this allows us to develop a strong and tenacious character from an early age. A story that confirms this is that of Amatala Musa, a Nigerian girl who managed to realize her biggest dream at just 3 years old.

via: The Cable

Amatala has always been a special child. Unlike her peers, who had only to play to be satisfied, she dreamed of sitting in school; rather than the company of dolls, Amatala preferred that of books. Because of her love for culture, Amatala believed that her brothers were very lucky, because unlike her they could go to school. The school in question was the Not Forgotten Initiative, a non-profit school that allows children of families in need to go to school for free. Although the school did not admit students under the age of 3, Amatala showed up there every day, with a book in hand, hoping to soften the principal.

One day, Amatala showed up again in front of the school, but this time she was wearing the shoes and uniform belonging to her older brother, which, of course, were too large for her. With a look as tender as it is funny, Amatala broke open the headmaster's heart, who, having become aware of how much the girl loved studying, decided to make an exception to the rule by enrolling her as a student and letting her start her new adventure that same day.

The school decided to share Amatala's story on Twitter: “We have never seen so much determination! We saw a little girl with a strong desire to learn. The principal noticed this beautiful human being and he couldn't resist. The tweet caused a sensation among Nigerian people: some of them bought Amatala new sandals; others donated money to the school, while still others volunteered to teach for free in the institute.

After this flood of affection, the school published another tweet to thank all the donors and volunteers: "When we published the post about Amatala yesterday, we had no idea that it would receive such a positive response! We are overwhelmed by your kind words and your support!"


Driven only by her big dream, Amatala would never have expected her story to go around the world and that it could move the hearts of all the people who showed her solidarity. This is definitely the most beautiful side of humanity.

We just have to give Amatala our best wishes, may this be just the beginning of a life full of successes!



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