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"LifePaint" by Volvo saves cyclists lives! A fantastic idea!

Every year many cyclists are involved in road accidents, many of which are fatal! In just England alone, a country that is among the first in regards to the use of bicycles for transportation, there are…

A Ferrari races against a "bicycle"?!

A bicycle and a Ferrari 430 Scuderia?! What is going to happen is just what you think, an absurd speed contest. The outcome, however, is totally different from all expectations. This can be attributed…
Bicycle Cars Funny

A boy ignores a security guard --- and gets taught a valuable lesson!

Never disobey when the authorities ask you to stop because you never know who is behind the uniform! Surely this young BMX rider did not expect to find another BMX enthusiast like himself in the security…
Bicycle Cute Funny

Combining dance, acrobatics, and aerobatics --- he defies reality!

Perhaps you have already seen acrobatic performances with racing bikes or mountain bike trials where bike riders completed obstacle courses without ever letting their feet touch the ground. In any case,…
Bicycle Wtf

Half bike and half treadmill here is a means of transport that will revolutionize individual mobility!

Bruin Bergmeester, from the Netherlands, has invented and brought to the market a new type of bicycle, called the "Lopifit", the world's first electric walking bicycle which is based on the ingenious…

Here is an invention that completely transforms an old bicycle --- in a very easy, fast, and convenient way!

The bicycle is coming back into fashion, and with GeoOrbital, this revolutionary bicycle is presenting itself as a whole new technological package! In fact, the innovative and clever idea is that in…

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