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Firefighters Are Now Using Highly Innovative Technology! Fantastic!

It's called "Dolphin" and it is the latest innovative firefighting system that will allow the fire brigade in Dubai to intervene very quickly when necessary in a way that is quite different but highly…

A Dog Discovers That A Friend In Need -- Is A Friend Indeed! :)

Probably when they threw the stick, they did not notice that the stick would land dangerously close to the rocks and the water where the strong current could drag their dog away! In fact, the dog rushes…

An Inspiring Story --- A Young Female Bengali Tiger Gets A New Lease On Life!

Aasha is a Bengal tiger that before being rescued was owned by several traveling circuses. She was only nine months old when she had been captured to be trained and she would have died if Lady Luck had…

When Doing A Little ... Can Mean A LOT!

While feeding his horses this man noticed the strange behavior of a little bird! The man saw that the little bird was standing on a warm pipe and had probably landed there to quench its thirst. However,…

A Driver Sees A Closed Black Plastic Garbage Bag MOVING ON THE ROAD...

We are well aware, that in the world there are people with a questionable sense of humanity, but when we are faced with cruelty for cruelty's sake, we cannot help but remain incredulous. This is what…
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See How Modern Technology Saved This Turtle!

For a turtle, a shell is not only part of its body, it is also protection, a shield that protects it from predators and in general from the outside world. This female turtle whose name is Freddy had…

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