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Video Rescues

Human Chain Saves Victims From A Rip Current!

When you have the misfortune to end up in a rip current (a strong surface current flowing seaward from the shore), getting back to shore becomes impossible if you do not know what to do. This is something…

Baby Wipes Can Cause Allergies In Babies!

Anyone with a baby also carries with them a package of baby wipes! Parents often use them to clean objects that come into contact with children or to wash their hands, mouth and intimate parts when they…

Dogs Rescued At The Annual Chinese Dog Meat Festival!

Ending the annual dog (and cat) meat festival that every year in June takes place in the Chinese city of Yulin will not be possible until the government intervenes. In recent years, however, many Chinese…

A Daring Duck Bashes A Hawk And Saves The Day! Hooray!

The laws of Nature are severe, and leave no space for mercy and forgiveness. According to these laws, there are predators and those who are the prey, and the latter hardly ever escape the first. For this…

Three Chihuahuas And Some Compassionate People ...

In Los Angeles, three dogs were living in a parking lot and surviving by eating scraps from the garbage. They had been abandoned and abused, it looked like someone had driven them away using a pellet…

Little Girl Rescued After 12 Days Thanks To Her Dog!

It is enough for us to spend a few hours in nature to realize just how much we are disconnected from it. The need for technological tools to perform most of our daily activities shows us the profound…

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