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For This Dog, A Friend In Need ... Is A Friend Indeed! Lol

Young kittens, as everyone knows, love to play and fool around, moreover, they are famous for being naughty and terribly curious! For this kitten, however, what began as a game ends up turning into something…

Compassionate Conservation Officer Saves Orphaned Bears!

British Canadian animal conservation officer, Bryce Casavant's story seems almost unbelievable! Officer Casavant, after having captured two bear cubs that had been orphaned when their mother had been…

This Dog Hit By A Car Was Full Of Surprises! Literally. WoW!

Trin, is the name of a dog that was hit by a car. Hurt and scared Trin ran away without giving anyone time to help her. Fortunately, a man who witnessed the scene decided to follow Trin until, not without…
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Remember --- A Puppy Dog Is Not A Stuffed Toy!

A puppy that was apparently lying unconscious by the side of a road, attracted the attention of a man and due to the puppy's condition, it took him only a few seconds to figure out what had happened! …
Animals Dogs Rescues

One Year Of Love And Care Can Do Wonders! :))

This Japanese guy found a kitten alone and injured by the side of a river, and without thinking twice took the kitten home with him despite the obvious problems that the animal had-- then he filmed everything…

The Tender Story Of Two Canine Friends ...

If you think that collaboration and the spirit of sacrifice are strictly human characteristics, then be sure to read this article! The news comes directly from the Ukraine, from Uzhgorod district in particular,…
Animals Dogs Rescues

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