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Video Rescues

An Ingenious Swimming Pool Duckling Save!

On a cool rainy day, mother duck and ducklings have found wonderful relief in the water of a private swimming pool ... a heated swimming pool!  Too bad that when it is time to come out, the little ones…

A Crippling Metal Ring Is Removed From A Giraffe's Leg!

Between animal poaching and accidents like this, animal protection operators in Africa always have a great deal to do.  In this case, the veterinarians at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy were summoned…

He Saved A Dog And Gave It A New Life!

Firefighter Mike Thawley of Sacramento (California) was completing an assignment with his crew when they spotted a small female puppy, Chunk tied to a pole during a heavy rainstorm and they did not hesitate…

A Spirit That Would Not Give Up!

This pit bull puppy was found huddled on a sidewalk in Los Angeles at the end of a very hot summer season. She was very thin, although close to her there was a bowl full of food that someone had brought…

An Innovative 3D Shell Saves A Tortoise!

Each job involves a certain amount of routine that in some cases can lead to a loss of passion for the work you do. However, occasionally, something happens that gives us such a great deal of satisfaction…

Dog Rescued By A Compassionate Bystander!

Raden Soemawinata is a 20-year-old young man who had gone to Brighton Harbor on the English Channel with the intention of honoring his grandmother's wishes, by scattering her ashes in the sea. Suddenly,…

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