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Believe None Of What You Hear And Only Half Of What You See ...

The many optical illusions that can be found all over the Internet should convince us that our brain is not a foolproof defense! In fact, this video is an example of how the brain can be easily deceived.…

Is What You See.... Who You Are?!

Many personality or psychological tests are based on the analysis of the first impression a person processes in seeing an image and this test also works the same way. Depending on what you first notice…

What Your Closed Fist Reveals About YOU!

Some gestures we make are made unknowingly, unconsciously, perhaps we have learned them from our parents or maybe not --- but what is even more curious is the fact that not all people do them the same…

A Copy-Cat Goat!? Go Figure!

When you have the usual household pets, like dogs or cats the kind of games you can play with them are more or less well known, but if you have the chance to play with a baby goat? Of course, there is…
Cute Games Goats

Guinness World Record For Skipping Rope!

This group of fourteen Japanese students has transformed the common rope skipping game into an opportunity to try to win a Guinness world record --- that of the most skips over a single rope in one minute…

Remember --- If You Won't ... Then Maybe Somebody Else Will.

The so-called Kiss Cam is a kind of game that is done mainly during sports matches! It is very fashionable in the United States and consists simply of kissing your partner when you see that the Kiss Cam…
Funny Games Sport

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