This female dog could barely stand up, but the vets were able to save her life -
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This female dog could barely stand up,…
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This female dog could barely stand up, but the vets were able to save her life


Veterinarians and medical organizations save animals who are on the verge of dying every day, but they never get used to seeing animals suffering, and each time they feel a pang of fear of not being able to do anything to help these animals.  

In fact, the founder of an animal rights association found a 10-month-old female puppy that had been abandoned and her condition was absolutely terrible. In fact, there was no previous case that was comparable to this puppy!

Consequently, when the dog arrived at the animal shelter she immediately received emergency medical treatment, but the outlook for her recovery did not look very promising ...

She was too thin, so much that her muscles were unable to support her body and she fell down continuously.

Her body seemed to be one step away from death, but her eyes were not! They were full of sadness but mixed with a love for life.


Eduardo Rodriguez, the owner of the animal association that provides veterinary care, took care of her. He had promised that if he could save her then she would become his dog.

She weighed only seven kg (15 lb) which is too little for a 10-month-old puppy. Its metabolism was so compromised that they could not give her food. At first, she had to be fed intravenously!

All the doctors who took care of her fell in love with her tenacity. They nicknamed her Spaghetti, ironically, referring to her thinness.


After a few days, a miracle occurred! Although Spaghetti was still very thin, nevertheless, she at least managed to swallow a few bites of food ... while standing on her feet!

But a relapse of her state of health was a distinct possibility! In these cases, no one should rely on the first signs of improvement. Therefore, her treatment continued uninterrupted ...


Days passed and Spaghetti seemed to have abandoned the idea of ​​having to die. She was there in her bed, waiting for the day when she would be completely cured.

Her appetite came back and she was eating six times a day and the happiness of the veterinarians in the association was visible on all their faces.


On the day that she was found no one thought that she could ever recover. But Spaghetti surprised everyone by turning into a splendid dog!

Now, Spaghetti is an agile, intelligent, and happy dog. The suffering that she endured previously in her life has transformed her into a dog with a strong and decisive character.

Today Spaghetti lives with Eduardo Rodriguez, the man who saved her, and his companion. This is a success story that has brought joy to the hearts of all who have heard it.

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