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A truck full of pigs need water ---…
A wheeled loading shovel truck is moving --- but who is driving it? Egg white and powdered sugar?!? --- make a delightful snack!

A truck full of pigs need water --- what happens is so touching ...


TorontoPigSave (TPS) is an animal rights association based in Toronto, Canada that strives to make transparent the ways in which animals raised for slaughter are treated.

The transport from the pig farms where they are bred and raised to the slaughterhouse is pure hell! This video was shot by some of the TPS animal rights activists. 

The outside temperature was nearly 45°C (113°F) but inside the transport truck metal container, it was much higher. Women wet the snouts of the pigs that poke out from the holes in the grated metal container and the pigs are so thirsty that it seems as though they cannot get enough water!

In the metal container, dozens of pigs are being transported among excrement and filth, without getting even a drop of water for who knows how many days.

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