Remember --- a puppy dog is not a stuffed toy! -
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Remember --- a puppy dog is not a stuffed…
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Remember --- a puppy dog is not a stuffed toy!

March 10, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

A puppy that was apparently lying unconscious by the side of a road, attracted the attention of a man and due to the puppy's condition, it took him only a few seconds to figure out what had happened! 

It was an abandoned puppy dog that was weak, dehydrated, and obviously suffering from a skin disease. The man immediately called for the intervention of an animal rights association to take care of the puppy. 

The terrible condition in which the puppy was found was later revealed to be due to a series of situations in which the dog had been constantly mistreated.

In any case, here is the story of Princess, a beautiful bulldog that without love and affection was likely to die only because of a simple and common canine skin disorder ...

When Princess was found, she was 15 months old and weighed only 8 kg (17.5 lb).

He did not even have the strength to get up when the man approached. In fact, the puppy did not manifest any reaction, almost as if he had decided to let himself die ...


The man managed to put the bulldog puppy in a box and take her to a specialist center. This is where she received her first medical treatment and the veterinarians started investigating to find the individuals responsible for the puppy's dreadful condition.

Princess had been sold to a private individual in a store in Miami. The new owner had brought her back after a few days due to a skin disease, that is common in puppies.

What is more, the lady pet shop owner actually ran an illegal breeding farm, where Princess had probably contracted the disease.


Princess is a bulldog that has proved herself to be a real fighter! Although she had been powerless, she had found, in the love of those who took care of her, a reason to live.

Today, Princess is a very happy dog ​​who has found a real family. Now there is no trace of the disease, she has gained weight and entertains everyone with her cute bulldog facial expressions!

Stories like that make us realize that there are some people who are unaware of the fact that they are holding a living being in their hands and not an inanimate gift for their children.

On the other hand, fortunately, however, there are people who are aware and they take it upon themselves to provide a decent existence for these puppies ...

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