Motorists on a highway witness a UNREAL…
She begs money for breast implants -- he begs money for food --- Reactions? A driver sees a pigeon between the vehicles -- what is it doing?

Motorists on a highway witness a UNREAL scene . . .

September 01, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) luxury is shown not only by owning sports cars with powerful engines or gold wrist watches! Now owning and keeping wild animals in chains, as if they were pets, it is another status symbol by which the richest declare their economic condition.

This video was shot on a highway in Saudi Arabia where we see on the road moving among the cars in the opposite direction, a tiger that is clearly confused and disoriented.

Fortunately, the owner was able to retrieve his pet tiger, one way or another, before it created any serious trouble . . .


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