DIY Wooden Pallet Horizontal Planter
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DIY Wooden Pallet Horizontal Planter

May 10, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Would you like to create a space where you can cultivate kitchen herbs, but you think you do not have enough space?

With this solution, you really only need a few inches to have fresh basil, mint, sage and all the other herbs on hand to give that extra touch to your dishes and ... to your balcony!

To turn a simple wooden pallet into a planter with individual spaces for your herb plants you will need:

1 pallet wooden pallet

1 nail drawer

nails and a hammer

1 plastic tarp

small stones

normal paint or blackboard effect

1 bag of topsoil

favorite herb seedling plants 

1. Remove the axles on the wooden pallet platform and then nail them on again so as to create the closed areas where you are going to pour the soil.

2. Paint the platform with blackboard effect paint or color it to your liking (if you use the blackboard effect paint you can write directly on the axle).


3. Fill in the empty spaces with plastic tarp cutouts.

4. Put the small stones on top of the plastic tarp to keep it in place.

5. Fill the spaces with topsoil.


6. Insert the plants that you have decided to cultivate.

7. Decorate your wooden pallet planter as you prefer!


8. Now you are ready to prepare your tasty dishes!


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