A truck full of pigs need water --- what happens is so touching ...

TorontoPigSave (TPS) is an animal rights association based in Toronto, Canada that strives to make transparent the ways in which animals raised for slaughter are treated. The transport from the pig farms…

A postman noticed a small animal on the road ... here's what happens when he brings it back home

A sweet and emotional message the one sent out by Vodafone in this ad. A postman finds a lost piglet and takes him home, and inevitably gets become attached to him. Shortly after, however, the incredible…

It looks like a normal domestic pig, but look what he can do: BRILLIANT !

If a dog appeared in this video, probably no one would be surprised, since we're used seeing them do the strangest things . But what if a pig can solve a puzzle like this one?
Animals Pigs Wtf

The most extravagant animal couple you'll ever see

It is always amazing to see unlikely but cute friendships in the animal kingdom. This little monkey seems to be having a great time riding backwards on his friend piglet; so strange and unique that it…
Animals Cute Monkeys Pigs

Swimming with pigs at the Bahamas

In the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas sharks are not the fiercest predators: these pigs chase tourists in search of lettuce and tomatoes, and not even the water is able to stop them.
Animals Funny Pigs

The moving story of the piglet born with two legs

This cute pig unfortunatly was born with only two legs. However, thanks to the love of humans and his willpower, it manages to live a happy life also being able to run in the park with his dog friend.
Animals Moving Pigs Tenders

The hero piglet saves the goat

Sometimes it is a fortune to be in the right place at the right time for both the one who recorded this scene and for the poor goat who was about to drown, but is rescued by a piglet. He certainly won…
Animals Goats Pigs Rescues

An adorable pig gets pampered

Have you ever seen anything like this? Small pigs are really cute and tender
Animals Pigs Tenders

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