A lioness catches a newborn wildebeest…
Glue buttonholes on shoes --- and completely restyle them! Abandoned, pregnant, and paralyzed --- what happens next is miraculous!

A lioness catches a newborn wildebeest ---See what happens next!

July 28, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In the bush, the rule 'kill or be killed', but we are sure that it is not a saying too generalist?

A wildebeest female has just given birth a small, perfect time for a lioness in search of food: he rushes on them pointing in particular to the helpless baby. The mother after a first attempt to protect it is removed. Do not jump to conclusions, what happens is a fact quite unique.

The lioness does not even attempt to kill him, unable to take advantage of the weakness of so shamelessly prey, but it takes him temporarily treating him like a son.

Tags: LionsIncredible


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