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Watch Meg, the lioness hunt in a team!

Animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson, after developing a close relationship with a pride of lions, has earned the complete trust of one of its lionesses. This lioness, named Meg, even allows Richardson…
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A little cat challenges a lion and lives to tell the tale! lol

At the animal shelter called "Big Cat Derek" for felines, the animals, large and small, are used to the presence of humans, but encountering other animals can give rise to surprises. As a matter of fact,…
Cats Challenge Lions

A hungry lioness meets a child at the zoo! . . .

How about going to the zoo and ending up in the lion's cage? . . . Well, almost! When the parents of this little one-year-old child put him in front of the glass cage of the lionesses, they never imagined…

A leopard "attacks" from behind --- a man is unexpectedly saved

Accustomed to being in contact with these big cats, Eduardo Serio, a Mexican who is the founder of the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, which protects big wild cats from smuggling, had not realized…

A lioness catches a newborn wildebeest ---See what happens next!

In the bush, the rule 'kill or be killed', but we are sure that it is not a saying too generalist? A wildebeest female has just given birth a small, perfect time for a lioness in search of food: he rushes…

A lioness reunites with her pride after several days: the special moment is TOUCHING

For a lion living in a territory full of dangers, such as the Kruger National Park in South Africa, the risk of being separated from their herd during a hunt or an attack is very likely, but fortunately…

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