For the last surviving hero dog of 9/11 --- the final farewell salute! -
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For the last surviving hero dog of 9/11…
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For the last surviving hero dog of 9/11 --- the final farewell salute!


At age 16, Bretagne, the Golden Retriever dog who had participated heroically in the search and rescue efforts after the 9/11 Twin Towers attack has left us after many years of service. 

This wonderful dog had a life full of love, adventure, and heroism! As a matter of fact, she had been deployed as part of search teams and rescue efforts in areas hit by Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Ivan and other disasters.

This courageous dog was loved and cherished right up to the last moments of her life by her owner and friend Denise Corliss who made the difficult decision to let Bretagne be euthanized due to incurable liver cancer. 

In this video, we see the final touching farewell salute given by her human colleagues as Bretagne enters the animal clinic.

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