They film "something" in the sea --- but did not expect a warm welcome! -
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They film "something" in the sea ---…
His stepdaughter gives him a gift --- it brings tears to his eyes! A leopard falls into a well --- citizens save its life!

They film "something" in the sea --- but did not expect a warm welcome!

August 15, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sea otters are beautiful creatures which like all wild animals, should be observed in their natural habitat. They are hydrodynamic and move sinuously and effortlessly in water, covered by their dense fur that protects them from the freezing cold and icy waters.

In the video, a group of swimmers has sighted a sea otter, that was intrigued by their presence (and also probably by their smell!). The sea otter fearlessly approaches one of the swimmers in the water and establishes playful physical contact with the man until it appears to lose interest and swims away!

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