Do you have an old t-shirt? -- Do not throw it away! -- Look at what you can do! -
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Do you have an old t-shirt? -- Do not…
Roll your hair on paper towels!? -- The result?....Fantastic! Layers of mashed potatoes and lasagna pasta ---The result? Like you have never seen before!

Do you have an old t-shirt? -- Do not throw it away! -- Look at what you can do!

April 12, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

For those who love recycling and for those who hate to part with any of their old clothes  -- then this clever trick can be a good compromise! In the video, a girl demonstrates how an old t-shirt can become a practical cloth tote bag, to be used in informal situations such as on a trip to the beach or while shopping.

By the way, there is absolutely no need for a needle or thread! All that is necessary is a pair of scissors and to have enough patience to tie some tight knots. The result? Very useful, practical ... and definitely original!

Tags: RecyclingDIY
Old T Shirt To Tote Bag Making

Old Tshirt Transformed to Tote Bag :) Check Out This Cool Idea

Posted by Nee kante thop.. evadu ledikkada !! on Friday, May 13, 2016

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