Learn how to plant lemon seeds to grow…
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Learn how to plant lemon seeds to grow you own lemon tree!

April 20, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Do you know where that beautiful lemon tree you have in the garden comes from? It came from a small seed, which later became a tree! If you love this plant, as well as its fruit, and would like to plant another one in your garden, then learn to grow a lemon tree from seeds. Start by getting a lemon, if you do not have any, those from the supermarket are fine, preferably organic.

N.B. Keep in mind that lemon trees are usually grafted, which means that a wild lemon tree will be grown from the seed; you will have to use it as a base on which to graft the fruit-bearing species if you want to obtain abundant and large fruits.

Use a knife to cut the lemon and extract the seeds. Rinse under running water to remove the pulp that surrounds them.

Using your fingernail, divide each seed in half. Bury the seeds in a small bowl, water, and then cover with a paper towel to keep moist.


Here are the sprouted seeds! When the plants are bigger, transplant them into the ground.

Here in the video, the entire process is explained in more detail!

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