Start by putting ground sausage in a…
A man and his horse look at each other --- The captured images will enchant you! A worker sees something move in the mud! --- What he manages to do is marvelous!

Start by putting ground sausage in a zip-lock bag --- the result is crazy delicious!

April 19, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

BBQ Smoker Grill cooking is fun and relaxing and allows us to enjoy a nice day out and a great meal with a distinct and delicious flavor! But this man has decided to become a true professional chef of smoked and grilled meat by creating this amazingly elaborate and succulent dish!

First, start by assembling all the ingredients as indicated in the video, then put the ground sausage meat in a zip-lock bag; continue following the instructions until the last step which is creating the bacon weave and then finally putting the roll in the smoker grill to be cooked! The result is ....mouth-watering!

Tags: WtfKitchen


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