Aluminum-wrapped shrimp and other ingredients…
Place raw bacon on paper towels --- A no-mess way to microwave bacon! A girl stops to pick up something from the road --- What about the on-coming truck?

Aluminum-wrapped shrimp and other ingredients --- creates an explosion of flavor!

June 13, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Grilling is one of the oldest cooking methods! It is easy and simple, enhances the flavor of foods, and is the quintessential activity related to summer evenings outdoors in the company of family and friends.

Today we suggest that you try a recipe for grilled shrimp cooked in aluminum foil. Basically, you simply need to make a sort of aluminum envelope in which you wrap the raw shrimp and the other ingredients -- all chosen, of course, according to your personal inclination -- to enhance the flavor!  Watch the video and get inspired!  :)

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