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A heartwarming story of an abandoned…
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A heartwarming story of an abandoned baby rescued in time!

February 12, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Raul Marin Ceja as he did every day, left his house to go to work, and crossed a bridge over a canal.

Leaning over, he noticed some blankets that were wrapped as if there was something inside. Immediately he thought of an object, then perhaps an abandoned animal ... He decided to turn on his smartphone camera and went down to see what it was. He did not know that in a few minutes his life would change forever ...

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When he saw the blanket, somehow his instinct told him to move closer ...

As soon as he lifted the dirty blankets wrapped around the newborn baby, he noticed that the umbilical cord was still attached.


After the moment of shock had passed, the man immediately took the newborn baby to the hospital. Almost miraculously, the baby was in perfect shape, only a little cold from exposure.

Raul fell in love as soon as he saw her and her first cry moved him in a way that he had not been moved in a long time. It was fate that had brought them together.  If Raul had not looked casually over the bridge deck railing that morning, the newborn baby would have probably died. So, then and there he made an important decision --- he decided to adopt the little baby girl. 

The beginning of this little girl's life was horrible, but thanks to her good fortune her future will be full of love, like the one that all children should have.

Here is the newborn baby girl, safe and sound! It was impossible to trace the identity of her parents. Nothing is known about her, except that she had been abandoned under a bridge a few minutes after her birth.

The video showing how this newborn baby was discovered and rescued is very exciting ... It is incredible that being so tiny, she had not suffered any injuries! This is probably because she had just been abandoned and found by Raul shortly afterward.  In the video, you can hear the panting breath of the man who rescued her and immediately took her to the hospital.

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