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26 photographic ideas to transform a…
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26 photographic ideas to transform a garden or a courtyard into a little corner of paradise

April 25, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Having a green thumb is not for everyone. Taking care of the smallest details of your garden or the home flower bed is an activity that requires time, effort, and dedication.

But there are people who can literally transform flower beds or garden areas into small oases of color that seem to be images from a picture created by a painter.

For you, we have selected 26 photos of flower beds and gardens, with images of pure beauty that show us how a corner of nature can be a small work of art to admire and contemplate.

1. Small cut-outs of pure color

2. When stone slabs add a sensational touch ...


3. Different varieties of green-leaf plants, with great results

4. Beautiful lilac colors take over

5. Also, the addition of a small pond does not hurt


6. Division creates two separate spaces

7. When certain types of plants predominate


8. An explosion of colors

9. Order first of all


10. You can also choose to grow flowers in pots and then place them in the flower beds

11. Lively climbing plants

12. A do-it-yourself stream

13. A small engineering job

14. A pathway for a lawn or garden

15. Separating wall

16. Here again ... are colors that shine

17. Including a downspout in your landscape

18. A riot of intense colors

19. When the various shades of green make all the difference

20. A lovely garden swing seat surrounded by greenery

21. Evergreen trees give this garden a different touch

22. Create a small flowerbed ... in a wooden bucket!

23. Lilac still reigns supreme

24. A flower bed that has been organized down to the minium details

25. And this time small multi-colored stones are the masters of the situation

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