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10 simple and economical DIY ideas that…
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10 simple and economical DIY ideas that you can do with materials taken from your garden

May 19, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Whoever has a garden knows what wealth he or she has. Being able to relax in an uncontaminated space, where plants and nature reign, is wonderful, especially after stressful days at work.

So if you love spending time in the garden, you will also love what it produces as well.

Therefore, to help you make small and enchanting do-it-yourself items from your garden, here are 10 gifts you can give to yourself or share with those who, like you, have a passion for natural things.

1. Scented pine cone-candles: Dip dry pine cones in a bath of melted glycerine candles and after allowing them to dry, add the essential oils.

2. "A mini-beer garden". Make it with moss, herbs, and some accessories to enjoy drinking a beer in a fabulous atmosphere.


3. Scented soap: Just dissolve some glycerine soap in a bain-marie and then add lavender or other herbs and let it harden!

4. Postcards decorated with flowers:

5. Garden mice with cat grass: Make several "hearts" from colorful fabrics, fold them in half and insert cat grass as a tail and small rodents will populate your garden.

6. Lavender biscuits: With just 1 cup of flour (250 g), half a cup of butter (125 g), 75 g of sugar and one egg, as well as precious sprigs of lavender, you can create delicious cookies.

7. A garden turtle! With stones collected from your garden, you can give life to personalized art such as this wonderful hand-painted turtle.

8. Herb vinegar: good wine or apple cidervvinegar can serve as a base; adding some sprigs of herbs and preserving them in jars with cork, the result will be magnificent

 9. Rose syrup: Just by boiling water and sugar together and then letting it rest with abundant rose petals and a cut lemon, you can obtain a delicious syrup!

10. Scented candles: Just press dried flowers onto candles, cover everything with baking paper and pass the hair dryer and ... you are done!

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