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12 beautiful ideas for gardens that…
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12 beautiful ideas for gardens that are realized with common terracotta pots

April 28, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Often to give a personal touch to environments we search for special and interesting objects and materials. However, if the goal is not to spend a fortune, then the same results can be achieved with an economical DIY project.

For example, in a garden, terracotta plant pots are very common objects and in this articlewe will show you how, with a bit of creativity, they can become much more than just pots for plants and flowers.

1. A hidden metal rod creates an irresistible optical illusion.

image: We Heart This

2. This lovely bird feeder will literally bring new life to your garden!


3. Clay pots are great to decoupage! Why not give it a go?

4. You have probably already seen the same project done with the plastic cups but with terracotta pots you get a magnificent decoration for green spaces.

5. Decorated in this way they are beautiful enough to even put inside your house.


6. Here's how you can create a "rain chain" with small clay pots.

image: Design Sponge

7. Have you ever thought about creating a wreath? Fantastic!

image: 20 North Ora

8. By the way, they make an excellent emergency barbecue grill ...

9. Ready for some delicious "Somemores" ? YES!


10. Here's how to create a mosaic effect.

image: eHow

11. An original idea that does not completely cover the terracotta pot.

12. A water fountain made with terracotta pots and saucers.

image: DIY How To
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