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Tired of the fake photos on social media?…
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Tired of the fake photos on social media? This girl shows us the truth in a fun way!

April 28, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We already know that the reality behind the glossy photos and apparently perfect bodies that we post on social media can be very different --- "behind the scenes"!

In fact, if you have ever wondered how to obtain, certain results in "the art of the selfie", then the blogger Chessie King is here to give you a clear and definitive idea.

Playing with an increasingly debated topic, the young woman loves to publish photographs showing the most common tricks used to make human bodies appear more sculpted, in shape and firm than they are in reality, and she does this with spirited and ironic humor!

Chessie King knows how to create the perfect photo for Instagram and ... she's going to show us!

In publishing this collage "My Bikini Bod" for example, she is not ashamed to reveal that both photos have the same body as the protagonist!


And how do you look after an intense workout session?

Many photos make it clear that it is almost always a matter of perspective and posture.

And this picture is a prime example!


The position of the pelvis and height of the trousers at the waist are the determining factors here. This is how different two photos can be --- that were taken at a distance of only a few seconds from each other!

This is not a "before-after" photo but captured images that compare pants of different brands, sizes, and colors.


Before and after ... lunch.

Here's how much we can change based on how we position our legs and back (oh, and let's not forget the facial expressions!).


Chessie loves to share these shots not to declare that one body is better than another, but to encourage those who follow her to find their own self-confidence.

For Chessie to have a healthy body is important, but she does not make this an obsession, quite the contrary!

She jokes with her "defects" to reveal to the world the large percentage of artifice that affects most of the social media profiles.

However, she also reminds us to be spontaneous and not to take ourselves too seriously!

What do you think of these revelations? Did you know about them already? We think that she discusses this issue in a very entertaining and fun way!

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