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Discover this potato cultivating idea…
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Discover this potato cultivating idea that gives impressive results!

January 14, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The arrival of warm weather pushes you to spend more time outdoors and to devote yourself taking care of your garden.

Instead of planting and tending the usual flowers, try to use your green space in a much more intelligent and practical way.

For example, now we hear more and more talk about pesticides and contaminated food and the best way to avoid all of this, is still to grow our food for ourselves.

Now, with the method that we propose today, designed by Laurie Ashbach and her husband, even those who have only a few square meters of space will be able to cultivate a lot of potatoes.

Here is what you need for this project:

  • Four steel fence posts 
  • Wire mesh fencing, 2.5m (8 ft.) long and 1m (3 ft.) high 
  • Scissors and pliers 
  • A bale of straw 
  • Home compost 
  • Seed potatoes (you can buy them on the internet or in specialty stores)

Select the quality of potato that you prefer, although we recommend that you choose a variety that is organic, just as the creators of this project did.


Laurie and her husband positioned the four steel posts in the ground to form a square. The size of the area will vary based on how much free space you have available.

Around the steel posts, they positioned the wire mesh fencing and with the help of pliers they closed and fastened the wire.

Inside the fence, they piled dry straw to create a kind of nest.


Next, they put the compost inside the cavity formed inside the straw.

Before being planted in the compost, the seed potatoes were cut so that each piece had at least 4 "potato eyes", or small bumps from which come the sprouts.


Laurie and her husband planted about nine "potato eyes" around the outside edge of the nest, in four layers. The rest of the potato eyes were put in the center of the compost.

Laurie planted her potatoes on the first of June. Here is how her potato tower looked on the fourth of July.


By July, the foliage had begun to thicken and even the flowers had begun to bloom.

It is very important to keep the entire straw tower wet. You can also install an irrigation tube in the warmer months, to keep it moist easier.

At the end of the summer, the couple dismantled the wire mesh fence and searched in the straw to find the potatoes.

Laurie recommends to not water the tower before the harvest, otherwise, you will have to rummage through mud to find the potatoes.

Here is what the couple harvested! Aren't you amazed that such a large quantity of potatoes came from one small straw tower and some fertile soil?

While eating these potatoes you can be sure of their goodness, because you grew them yourself, without the use of fertilizers and pesticides!

What are you waiting for to create your own potato tower?

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