Mom comes home with the new arrival ... the welcoming dog is adorable! -
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Mom comes home with the new arrival…
This short film has moved thousands of people! Watch it and you'll understand why! ;) A gorilla picks up a kitten ... what it does immediately after.. is amazing!

Mom comes home with the new arrival ... the welcoming dog is adorable!

February 05, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

A special day has arrived for Milo, this cute Chihuahua; a newcomer is going to become a part of the household, and it's time to get acquainted. Upon seeing the lady of the house approach the front door, the dog begins to squirm and fidget, eager to know the source of these new scents and odors that he has never smelled before!

The two parents, instead of preventing Milo from approaching or touching the newborn baby, allows the Chihuahua to gently sniff and smell the new member of the family so that they can get acquainted! By allowing this new friendship to start in this way, it is definitely a wonderful day full of happiness for both the parents and Milo, who joyfully welcomes the new arrival in the best of ways....

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