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A girl approaches a sleeping sloth:…
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A girl approaches a sleeping sloth: Look at what it does a few seconds later ... Wow!

February 03, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

This video was taken inside the Sloth Sanctuary, a rehabilitation center in Costa Rica, where sloths are taken after they have been injured accidentally or ill-treated. These animals, although usually known only for their extreme slowness of movement, often misinterpreted as apathy or laziness, are in reality also incredibly loving and peaceful animals.

In this video, we can witness for ourselves that when the girl comes up and hands the sloth a flower and patiently waits for it to respond, the sloth turns toward her - slowly - to deliver a wonderful warm embrace! 

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Sloth hugs!

You need a cuddling buddy? How about a sloth? This young lady was only trying to give this little sloth a flower to munch on and instead he wanted a hug!

Pubblicato da Bella Vista Miranda Realty su Giovedì 11 febbraio 2016

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