25 photos taken in animal shelters that…
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25 photos taken in animal shelters that show abandoned pets in need of love

March 02, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Who of us as a child did not say at least for a short period: "When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian"?

Maybe things have gone differently, but of course, if you loved animals then, you cannot but feel a bit of envy for those who are in contact with animals due to their profession or as a form of volunteer work.

These people witness scenarios of all kinds every day and we could not miss the opportunity to brighten your day by showing you some of the most moving and meaningful photos taken by these lucky individuals!

We would really struggle to concentrate with these big eyes looking at us!

"Opening an animal shelter for wolves was the best decision of my life!"


Can you tell that they are related?

If you were a volunteer you could find yourself living experiences like this!

image: Reddit/cm40

Working at the computer with a soft little lamb sleeping in your lap? Yes! Thanks!


A high concentrate of tenderness!

The Christmas nativity tradition is also celebrated at the animal refuge center.


Who would not want to be assaulted by a litter of puppies hungry for cuddles?!?

Even adult dogs need attention and we never forget it!


The sweetest supervisor you've ever seen!

A smile lesson!

The presence of pet animals in residential care facilities for senior citizens has positive effects on their general health ...

When you have long work shifts, having a psychologist on the premises is not bad!

He saved her and she ... adores him!

Two brothers waiting for adoption.

image: Reddit/ns156

Smiles to no end!

We do not understand if it is an animal refuge or a home, but certainly, all these cats create a very relaxed atmosphere!

An entire summer in contact with sloths and this girl could not be happier!

He has just stuffed himself ... as we can see very well!

Always ready to comfort us in any way that they can ...

A pretty bad accident, for this little raccoon cub ...

image: Reddit/scyice

Instead, this raccoon is ready for his photo shoot!

Looks like he is "guarding" the dog food bowl ...

So much love in one picture!

And we close with this image of sweet friendship. 💞

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