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A gorilla picks up a kitten ... what…
Mom comes home with the new arrival ... the welcoming dog is adorable! After freeing the horses in the snow, they witness a delightful carefree show!

A gorilla picks up a kitten ... what it does immediately after.. is amazing!

February 05, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

If you are looking for compelling evidence of the link between apes and humans, then this video is for you! Here we witness a gorilla named Koko who sees the return of two kittens that he had previously befriended and chosen from a litter of seven.

Although some time has passed, the gorilla's behavior makes one believe that the return of the kittens is a pleasant surprise for him! Besides, treating the kittens as if they were his own children; by hugging and caressing them and allowing them to climb all over him -- he even tries to get them to play with stuffed animals and offers them other toys! All of this bears a close resemblance to a human parent, does it not? 


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