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A dog digs a hole to free a little monkey kept in a wire cage and after a lot of effort he manages to free it

Each of you at various times has been thrilled by a video or a story featuring exceptional animals and pets. Unlike humans, animals are not driven by ulterior motives and what they do is usually completely…
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For Rocky, the orangutan, this was no monkeyshine!

A terrible fire disfigured Darci's face and part of her body. During a visit to a zoo park, she met an orangutang, named Rocky, who after having observed her carefully pointed insistently to the bandages…

A monkey adopts motherless puppies!

We do not know under what circumstances this monkey now finds herself in such close contact with a litter of young puppies! Nevertheless, the fact is that the animal does not hesitate to demonstrate all…

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul ...

Nowadays, it is impossible to refute the thesis of our descendence from apes. In fact, we would be inclined to agree if only for the mere fact of the extreme similarity between human beings and some primates.…

Watch Monkeys show compassion and grief ---just like humans!

In Rajasthan (India), near one of the many Hindu temples, lives a large community of  Semnopithecus monkeys, commonly known as "langurs". Here in the video, we see that a robot baby monkey has been equipped…

A little boy and a young gorilla interact!

Going to the zoo is an experience that children like very much but whether the experience is a positive one also depends on the mood of the zoo animals present.  Accustomed to being observed by visitors,…

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