Watch Monkeys show compassion and grief ---just like humans! -
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Watch Monkeys show compassion and grief…
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Watch Monkeys show compassion and grief ---just like humans!

January 21, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In Rajasthan (India), near one of the many Hindu temples, lives a large community of  Semnopithecus monkeys, commonly known as "langurs".

Here in the video, we see that a robot baby monkey has been equipped with a hidden camera to get an intimate look at the behavior of this species. The monkeys are immediately intrigued by the "newcomer", and they approach the robot baby monkey and one monkey in particular immediately establishes physical contact.

But when the fake baby monkey falls to the ground and does not move, something happens that is surprising and quite moving! Watch the reaction of the monkeys to what they believe to be the death of the baby monkey.

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