At 52, she is the most attractive grandmother in the world: there are many young men who court her

Mark Bennett

January 31, 2023

At 52, she is the most attractive grandmother in the world: there are many young men who court her

Raise your hand if you don't fear the passage of time and all that this entails. Let's face it, there are very few who can claim not to be afraid of old age and getting wrinkles. That said, there are some men and women who appear to be immune to the ravages of time.

Amongst these is the protagonist of this story. A 52-year-old woman who, thanks to her appearance, is considered the most beautiful grandmother in the world. Don't believe it? Look at the photos below and we will also tell you about her beauty secrets.

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Gina Stewart is a stunning model from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and has become famous on the web for her physique and beauty. Gina - a mother and grandmother - said men, both young and old, have always been attracted to her. Despite this, she has not found her soul mate.

According to what she said, Gina has not found a lasting relationship. Single for some time, Gina says that many men want to court her, but she has not found Mr Right yet.

"I'm single, but it's also my choice. When I grew up, I became a mother and also a grandmother. I'm much more careful now about who I let into my life. It's also true that I'm not looking for someone at the moment but if the right person comes along, I will be ready for it. Love comes when you least expect it and it will be like this for me too, I suppose," Gina stated.

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Gina's timeless beauty that is maintained thanks to a few little secrets, such as cold showers that contribute to keeping a toned body and healthy hair. But it is also the spirit that counts in cases like these, and certainly knowing that you are still considered an attractive person by many certainly helps.

"The oldest man I dated was 50 years old, while the youngest was 20. I'm sure I'd be more likely to find a soul mate in a younger guy, as they try harder," Gina said. And who knows? Perhaps this ideal partner will come along one day.

What do you think of this 52-year-old grandma with her youthful looks?