Wife celebrates 60 years of marriage by wearing her original wedding dress: "She's still beautiful"

Mark Bennett

January 06, 2023

Wife celebrates 60 years of marriage by wearing her original wedding dress:

What does the wedding dress represent for a woman? Everyone will answer this question differently, depending on their life experiences, of course. What is certain is that choosing the right one, wearing it on one's wedding day and having it associated with precious memories is not a trivial thing. In short, wedding dress can become very precious heirlooms.

Over time, however, some women may forget about their dress stored in the cellar or an attic, or it could get lost for some reason. But there are also those who manage to hold on to their wedding dresses over the years and, occasionally, take them out. And this is true of the woman we want to tell you about in this article.

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There are some women who have managed to keep their wedding dresses in perfect condition over the years and even wear them to celebrate an anniversary. This is the case with Janith Goedde, 80, who got famous on the web for a story about her wedding dress.

To celebrate her 60th wedding anniversary, Janith decided to take out her wedding dress and to wear it once again for the big occasion. Not everyone reaches this milestone and it's nice to think that Janith and her husband were able celebrate this special day surrounded by their loved ones. Of course, the dress was no longer a perfect fit - as it was on May 11, 1957, when 20-year-old Janith and 24-year-old Joe got married Haubstadt, Indiana - but their emotions were just as strong.

Janith stated that she didn't do anything special to store the dress: a plastic bag and, perhaps, a lot of love was enough for it to remain intact over the years. The dress had only cost $69.95 at the time but managed to survive the passage of time. "She has always been beautiful," said Joe looking at his wife in her wedding dress.

We thank this happy couple for sharing this important moment with us. We hope with all our hearts that their love will last and that they will celebrate many more wedding anniversaries to come.