9-year-old boy gives up all his birthday presents: "I'd rather help those less fortunate"

by Mark Bennett

December 28, 2022

9-year-old boy gives up all his birthday presents: "I'd rather help those less fortunate"

What makes children happiest on their birthdays? There are many answers possible: being the center of attention, having the affection of loved ones, greetings, celebrating with your friends, eating your favorite cake and, perhaps most of all, getting birthday presents. This is how most little ones feel, but not all.

An exception to this rule is a 9-year-old boy who, for some time now, has been famous on the web for having made an important and original decision regarding his birthday. Read on to find out more:

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The tally is in from our first food drive! Thank you everyone near and far for your incredibly generosity. We were able to get 4000 pounds of food, that’s 2 tons! Can’t wait to get these to the pantries ❤️

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Belmond Schwartz is a 9-year-old boy originally from Mansfield, Massachusetts, and he became famous on the internet for starting a wonderful initiative. Belmond always celebrated his birthday by being the center of attention and surrounded by his relatives and friends. Then, something changed.

During a trip with his parents, Steven and Lily, he discovered how many people live in poverty. This insight led Belmond to make an important decision: he would no longer ask for presents for his birthday, but would collect food for the less fortunate.


Some more pictures from today’s food drive ❤️

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In this way, little by little, a movement was born which led to the foundation of Belmond's Wish, a non-profit organization aimed at collecting basic foodstuffs for the poor. The foundation distributes food and money to citizens in need.

This gesture does Belmond credit and serves as an example for many. Children can certainly amaze us and put adults to shame. Belmond is one of kids and his actions could not be more generous and unique. "It was incredible to see how people responded to his idea and his requests. He gave getting presents for his birthday and everyone believed in him. He always told me that if everyone gives up something, even something small, it can make a difference," Belmond's mother stated.

Thank you AFP Massachusetts Chapter for such an incredible award ❤️ special thanks to David Woodruff for all he’s done for Belmond & our family!

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And how can we not salute and admire this young man? We hope that his initiative will grow and that many unfortunate people will be able to live better lives.

We can only congratulate this little hero and thank him for his generousity and sacrifice.