Teacher decides to adopt one of her pupils: "I wanted her to become part of our family"

by Mark Bennett

December 09, 2022

Teacher decides to adopt one of her pupils: "I wanted her to become part of our family"

Deciding to adopt is not easy and you need to feel able to weigh all the pros and cons this entails. There are couples who decide to do it out of "necessity"; then there are those who choose to do so to give a second chance at life to a child. The important thing is to be sure about the choice you are about to make and to commit yourself to fully to the child.

And this is exactly what the subject of this story did together with her husband. Here is their story:

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Miriam Coronel and her husband Néstor Marchese got married in 2011 and live in San Andrés de Giles, a small town in Buenos Aires. They had always dreamed of having a child, but it was not to be. As a result, the couple decided to adopt.

The first two children to arrive in the family were Ian and Lolo. According to this mother's story, the relationship between them was not always easy and arguments often broke out. Slowly, however, with a lot of patience and willpower, the two new parents overcame every obstacle. In doing so, they created a serene family nucleus, oblivious of the fact that something wonderful would happen shortly thereafter.

Miriam, who works as a teacher, met student Camila at school and everything changed. "The girl was 16 years old and was looking for stability. She lived in an orphanage and she told me that a previous adoption attempt had not gone well. I understood immediately that I had to do something. I talked about the matter with Néstor and we decided to take Camila under our wing," Miriam said.


Que la vida siempre nos encuentre así, mi reina... Cami Almada Gracias Maria Virginia PoZu por la mirada...

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This decision marked a new path for the couple and a new future for the young woman. Of course, this time it wasn't just them who decided, but their other two children were also involved in the process. Both showed great maturity and immediately welcomed the girl into their family. Their ease of acceptance of a new family member made their parents proud.

After various bureaucratic processes were completed, Camila became the fifth member of the family. Every day, according to Miriam's, is a challenge, but the whole family works at overcoming these obstacles.

And since it is not easy to deal with an adoption, Miriam has decided to start a blog in which she tells her story, talks about her experience and offers advice to those who may be struggling in this regard . After all, Miriam and her husband also had their struggles, but that didn't stop them from having the family they always dreamed of.