Woman spends $ 600,000 to look like her favorite celebrity: "I'm sorry and I want to go back to how I was"

Mark Bennett

November 24, 2022

Woman spends $ 600,000 to look like her favorite celebrity:

With the rise of the internet and "social media" life has become more and more about following and idolizing so-called famous people and celebrities. Whether they are actors, singers or some other type of "VIP", many fantasize about copying their favorite celebrity. This may involve copying clothing, hairstyles, the way of walking or talking of these celebrities. But, unfortunately, some people even want to become physically identical to their idols. And some even go as far as  to undergo numerous plastic surgery operations in order to achieve this goal.

The subject of this story is a young model and has had more than 40 operations to look like her favorite celebrity. Let's find out about her story together:

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Jennifer Pamplona is a successful, 29-year-old Brazilian businesswoman and model who has always had a great passion for Kim Kardashian, the American actress and model. The admiration and desire to be like Kim were so strong that Jennifer decided to undergo more than 40 surgeries over the course of 12 years to look like her.

This was a long and tiring journey that also involved massive expense. In all, the woman has spent $600,000 dollars, but Jennifer is still not happy.

If you think that the reason for Jennifer's unhappiness is because she doesn't look like Kim, then you are wrong. What saddened the 29-year-old was quite the opposite. She explained: "People started calling me Kim Kardashian and it became more and more annoying. I am my own person and I only wanted to look similar to Kim - not become her. I was not at all happy with this".

Jennifer's biggest dream turned into her worst nightmare and she started wanting to reverse what she had done. To this end, she embarked on another round of plastic surgeries and spent another fortune: $120,000 dollars.


"It became vital to restore my original looks," said the young woman. She continued: "I realized that I was no longer myself, that I was doing something wrong and I decided to stop. I am sure this is for the better. "

Could Jennifer have foreseen this outcome? We cannot give a certain and definitive answer, that's for sure. Luckily, Jennifer saw the light and, albeit after a long time, she embarked on the path to find her true self.

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