60-year-old mother enters a beauty pageant: "I love my age and have never felt so beautiful"

Mark Bennett

January 23, 2023

60-year-old mother enters a beauty pageant:

Standards of beauty imposed by social media and today's society frequently make a woman feel insecure when she reaches her 30's, but we should not let ourselves be influenced by this: there are many middle-aged and older women who can make twenty-year-olds envy their physical appearance.

A classic example of this is a mother of 4 who chose to participate in the Miss Great Britain pageant (in the over-45 category), revealing that she has never felt so good at the age of 60.

via BBC


After entering the national beauty pageant, Laurie Meisak, a hairdresser in Hamilton, Scotland, explained that she has learned to appreciate her looks, even after passing middle age: "Entering the pageant has given me back my self-confidence. I'm back to loving life,” she commented.

Laurie, who is also a grandmother, won second place in the Miss Great Britain Over-45 category. Her daughter Amy, 29, also took part in the competition and won one of the categories. Laurie is often mistaken for her daughter Amy's sister: "Many people say we look like sisters. Amy and I are very similar. She changed her hair color recently and it's similar to mine, so we look even more alike now. Sometimes, when I scroll through Amy's photos I have to look twice because I don't know if it's me or her in the photo," she commented.

Speaking about participating in the Miss Great Britain pagent, Laurie explained that she initially felt insecure: "There's always a little doubt: 'Should I or shouldn't I at my age?' But you know what? I love being my age. I think after having four children, you can lose some self-confidence because one's body inevitably changes. Participating in Miss Great Britain has given me back the boost of self-esteem I needed."

This experience taught Laurie a very important lesson that she hopes many others her age will learn: "No woman should feel like she's past her expiry date. There's no such thing as a cut-off age." And we sincerely hope that this message reaches all those men or women who no longer feel worthy.