Woman manages to pay off a debt of 30,000 euros and becomes wealthy: "I gave up the superfluous"

by Mark Bennett

November 12, 2022

Woman manages to pay off a debt of 30,000 euros and becomes wealthy: "I gave up the superfluous"

Getting to the end of the month in the black is difficult for many. Sometimes, you have to do the impossible so that your family lacks for nothing. But, let's face it, life is not easy. There are times when you may feel despondent because you don't have enough money.

This is a bit like the situation in which the subject of this story found herself. A young student who, in order to complete her education, had accumulated nearly 30,000 euros in debt: but in the end, she paid the debt off and even managed to put "a little something" aside. Let's find out together how she did this.

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Julie Haneline is a 36-year-old woman, originally from Greenville, South Carolina, and has become well known on the web for describing how she managed to overcome an economically very difficult moment in her life. With several debts and very little income, the then student looked for the way to solve her money problems.

Julie described the method she used, not only to cover the debt, but also to eventually start saving. It all started with a challenge she set herself: for a year, she would only buy things that were strictly necessary.

"I had always made bad choices with my purchases," she said. She continued: "I spent a lot of money on new clothes and I could not be controlled. At first, I set aside money to pay off debts, then I continued by creating a fund. The sacrifices were many and I also had to share the house with a roommate. I didn't like it too much, but I had to do it".


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These measures helped Julie and gave her the desired-for results. After some time, in fact, she began to "save up" to buy her first house, then a second, then a third and, now, she has four properties in all. One she lives in. The others are rented out.

What advice does she have for those who want to save and put a little something aside? "We must give up going out, extravagant dinners on the town or evenings spent in clubs. No frivolous shopping and no superfluous memberships, including one to a gym. It is advisable to use the car as little as possible and get around by bicycle. I have also given up beauty treatments, the hairdresser, manicures and pedicures," Julie stated. 

Despite having solved her money problems, Julie confessed that she still earmarks one month a year for "no unnecessary expenses". She does this to increase her "treasures". "Making an effort for one month a year is not a big problem and will give those with the discipline great results".

This approach worked very well for Julie. Would you be able to do this?