Youth becomes famous and cuts off relations with his family: "it's embarrassing to talk to them"

Mark Bennett

November 14, 2022

Youth becomes famous and cuts off relations with his family:

We all know that social media systems, whatever platform they are, are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. Many people love to share moments of their life with others and put their content online. In addition to personal pleasure, however, there are those who have chosen this doing this as a job: hence, the famous influencers we hear so much about. Those that have a high number of followers are able to earn an excellent salary thanks to social media sponsors.

But sometimes achieving success like this, can cause some to lose sight of the truly important things in life.

via The Sun


A young, 23-year-old influencer, Larz, found himself at the centre of a controversy for having chosen to completely break off his relationship with his family. The reason? "I'm famous and they're not. It's embarrassing just to know that others think I'm in a relationship with people like them," he said.

The young man, who boasts over 400,000 followers, announced his decision during an interview, adding, among other things: "I intend to have relationships only with those who are like me. I am famous and I will not talk to people who have not achieved the same success as me".

Larz has cut off all communications with his 5 brothers and 4 sisters. "For me, it is irrelevant to talk to them. They don't have any kind of success and they don't have anyone who follows them. I might think of talking to them again only if they become a success like me. After all, this is what happens when you become famous: relations with some people end," this obnoxious "influencer" said.

Vile comments like this should make us think. In life, everyone should have the opportunity to make their dreams come true, but one should always be careful not to forget the truly important things. Success is a wonderful thing, but it should go hand in hand with humility.

What do you think about this young man's disgusting life choices?